Cabinet - Wednesday, 13th April 2022 at 10:30am - Devon County Council Webcasting

Wednesday, 13th April 2022 at 10:30am 









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3 Items Requiring Urgent Attention
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4 Announcements
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5 Petitions
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6 Question(s) from Members of the Council
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7 Highway Infrastructure Asset Management Policy and Strategy
8 County Road Highway Maintenance - Capital Budget and Progress on 2021/22 Schemes and Proposals for the 2022/23 Programmes and the On-street Parking Account 2022/23
9 Formal Consultation Submission to the Devon Climate Emergency Partnership's responses to the recommendations of the Devon Climate Assembly
10 South West Exeter Housing Infrastructure Fund: Update on project including approval for submission of planning application and to award tenders
11 Construction of a community facilities building in Cranbrook Town Centre providing flexible space for County Council services including children's, youth, and libraries
12 Plymouth and South Devon Freeport
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13 Bideford Library/Art Centre Project - Approval requested to award the Construction contract
14 Commissioning for Peninsula Fostering Services, with Independent Fostering Agencies Tender Approval and Arrangements for Award of the Contract.
15 Workforce Stability: Attracting Agency Children's Social Workers to Devon - Agency Pay Rate Proposals
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16 Children's Scrutiny Committee: Children's Standing Overview Group
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