Health and Adult Care Scrutiny Committee - Tuesday, 16th June 2020 at 10:30am - Devon County Council Webcasting

Health and Adult Care Scrutiny Committee
Tuesday, 16th June 2020 at 10:30am 









Start of webcast
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  1. Cllr Sara Randall-Johnson
1 Apologies
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2 Minutes
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3 Items Requiring Urgent Attention
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4 Public Participation
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  1. Cllr Cathy Gardiner
  2. Cllr Sara Randall-Johnson
5 Preparation and Response for the COVID 19 - Response
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  1. Dr Phil Norrey
  2. Simon Tapley
  3. Jennie Stephens
  4. Dr Virginia Pearson
  5. Cllr Sara Randall-Johnson
  6. Mr Tim Golby
  7. Cllr Richard Scott
  8. Mr Tim Golby
  9. Dr Paul Johnson, Chair CCG
  10. Sonja Manton
  11. Dr Virginia Pearson
  12. Cllr Martin Shaw
  13. Cllr Sara Randall-Johnson
  14. Dr Phil Norrey
  15. Dr Paul Johnson
  16. Dr Jones
  17. Dr Virginia Pearson
  18. Cllr Hilary Ackland
  19. Mr Tim Golby
  20. Cllr Jeff Trail
  21. Mr Tim Golby
  22. Keri Storey
  23. Sonja Manton
  24. Mr Tim Golby
  25. Cllr Claire Wright
  26. Cllr Sara Randall-Johnson
  27. Dr Phil Norrey
  28. Mr Tim Golby
  29. Sonja Manton
  30. Dr Paul Johnson
  31. Cllr Sylvia Russell
  32. Mr Tim Golby
  33. Cllr John Berry
  34. Dr Virginia Pearson
  35. Cllr Andrew Leadbetter
  36. Cllr Martin Shaw
  37. Gerry Rufolo
  38. Cllr Martin Shaw
  39. Dr Virginia Pearson
  40. Cllr Martin Shaw
  41. Cllr Martin Shaw
  42. Dr Virginia Pearson
  43. Cllr Sara Randall-Johnson
6 Whole System Performance
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  1. Sonja Manton
  2. Cllr Sara Randall-Johnson
  3. Sonja Manton
  4. Cllr Claire Wright
  5. Cllr Hilary Ackland
  6. Dr Paul Johnson
  7. Mr Tim Golby
  8. Cllr Martin Shaw
  9. Mr Tim Golby
7 Winter Pressures 2019/2020
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  1. Cllr Nick Way
  2. Dr Paul Johnson
  3. Keri Storey
  4. Cllr Hilary Ackland
  5. Cllr Sylvia Russell
  6. Dr Jones
  7. Cllr Sara Randall-Johnson
  8. Sonja Manton
  9. Cllr Sara Randall-Johnson
8 Information Previously Circulated
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  1. Dan Looker/Dr Cathy Gardner
  2. Cllr Sara Randall-Johnson
Photograph of Cllr Hilary Ackland
Member for Pinhoe & Mincinglake
Photograph of Cllr John Berry
Member for Cullompton and Bradninch
Photograph of Mr Tim Golby
Head of Social Care Commissioning
Devon County Council
Photograph of Cllr Andrew Leadbetter
Member for Wearside and Topsham and Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Health Services and Cab
Photograph of Dr Phil Norrey
Chief Executive
Devon County Council
Photograph of Dr Virginia Pearson
Director of Public Health
Devon County Council
Photograph of Cllr Sara Randall-Johnson
Member for Broadclyst
Photograph of Cllr Sylvia Russell
Member for Teignmouth
Photograph of Cllr Richard Scott
Member for Exmouth
Photograph of Cllr Martin Shaw
Member for Seaton & Colyton
Independent East Devon Alliance
Photograph of  Jennie Stephens
Strategic Director People
Devon County Council
Photograph of Cllr Nick Way
Member for Crediton
Liberal Democrats
Photograph of Cllr Claire Wright
Member for Otter Valley