Development Management Committee
Wednesday, 18th September 2019 at 2:15pm 









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1 Apologies for Absence
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2 Minutes
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3 Items Requiring Urgent Attention
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4 County Council Development: Teignbridge District: Provision of a new link road connecting the A382 to West Golds Way, Land between the A382 and West Golds Way near the Newton Abbot Hospital, Newton Abbot
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  1. Stephen Boundy
  2. Stephen Boundy
  3. Dorothee Fitzimmons
  4. Cllr Jerry Brook
  5. Cllr George Gribble
  6. Cllr Jerry Brook
  7. Stephen Boundy
  8. Cllr Jerry Brook
  9. Cllr Richard Hosking
  10. Andy Hill
  11. Cllr Jackie Hook (formerly Brodie)
  12. Cllr Jerry Brook
  13. Brian Hensley
  14. Mike Deaton
  15. Cllr Su Aves
  16. Mike Deaton
  17. Cllr Richard Hosking
  18. Mike Deaton
  19. Cllr Jeremy Yabsley
  20. Cllr Jerry Brook
  21. Cllr Jerry Brook
5 County Council Development: Teignbridge: Construction of a single storey extension to the existing school building and the alteration of the existing grass playing field to a 3G pitch, including associated landscaping and car parking, Chudleigh Church of England Community Primary School, Lawn Drive, Chudleigh
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  1. Cllr Ian Hall
  2. Andy Hill
  3. Cllr Jerry Brook
  4. Cllr Ian Hall
  5. Neil Pateman
  6. Cllr Ian Hall
  7. Cllr Jerry Brook
  8. Cllr Ian Hall
  9. Cllr Philip Sanders
  10. Mike Deaton
  11. Cllr Philip Sanders
  12. Cllr Su Aves
  13. Cllr Ian Hall
  14. Cllr Richard Hosking
  15. Andy Hill
  16. Mike Deaton
  17. Cllr Richard Hosking
  18. Cllr Ian Hall
  19. Cllr Jackie Hook (formerly Brodie)
  20. Mike Deaton
  21. Cllr Ian Hall
  22. Cllr Linda Hellyer
  23. Cllr Ray Bloxham
  24. Cllr Colin Slade
  25. Cllr Ian Hall
  26. Mike Deaton
  27. Cllr Philip Sanders
  28. Cllr Ian Hall
  29. Cllr Jerry Brook
6 County Matter Waste: South Hams District: Construction of a waste transfer building; asbestos compound; waste treatment plan; weighbridge; parking for five additional cars and associated landscaping and drainage of waste transfer site; and land raise operations (importation of 585,000m3 of inert waste material over a 10 years period, requiring a change of use from agriculture (16.25 hectares) to waste, incorporating landscape restoration), Challonsleigh Farm, Smithaleigh, Plymouth
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  1. Andy Hill
  2. Cllr Jerry Brook
  3. Andy Hill
  4. Cllr Jerry Brook
  5. Andy Hill
  6. Cllr Jerry Brook
  7. Cllr Ray Bloxham
  8. Cllr Jerry Brook
7 Delegated Action - Schedules (to include ROMPS Actions) and Summary Schedule
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  1. Cllr Jeremy Yabsley
  2. Cllr Jerry Brook
  3. Cllr Linda Hellyer
  4. Cllr Jerry Brook
  5. Webcast Finished
Cllr Su Aves
Member for St Sidwell & St James
Cllr Ray Bloxham
Member for Broadclyst
Cllr Jackie Hook (formerly Brodie)
Member for Newton Abbot North
Liberal Democrats
Cllr Jerry Brook
Member for Chudleigh and Teign Valley
Cllr George Gribble
Member for Bovey Rural
Cllr Ian Hall
Member for Axminster
Cllr Linda Hellyer
Member for Bideford East
Cllr Richard Hosking
Member for South Brent and Yealmpton
Cllr Philip Sanders
Member for Yelverton Rural
Cllr Colin Slade
Member for Tiverton East
Cllr Jeremy Yabsley
Member for South Molton