Development Management Committee - Wednesday, 5th June 2019 at 2:15pm - Devon County Council Webcasting

Development Management Committee
Wednesday, 5th June 2019 at 2:15pm 









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  1. Cllr Jerry Brook
  2. Cllr Jerry Brook
1 Apologies for Absence
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2 Minutes
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3 Items Requiring Urgent Attention
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4 County Matter: Waste: West Devon Borough: Re-processing of inert construction and demolition waste used in the creation of base levels required under planning permission 01083/2010 to remove high quality material capable of being used as secondary aggregate. The application also seeks, temporarily for a period of 5 years, to include importation of up to 25,000t per annum of inert waste for recycling and resale with the residue being used for finishing off the levels required under extant permission 01083/2010, Wilminstone Quarry, Wilminstone, Tavistock
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  1. Andy Bowman
  2. Cllr Jerry Brook
  3. Cllr Richard Hosking
  4. Andy Bowman
  5. Cllr Richard Hosking
  6. Andy Bowman
  7. Brian Hensley
  8. Cllr Jerry Brook
  9. Andy Bowman
  10. Cllr Richard Hosking
  11. Cllr Jerry Brook
  12. Andy Bowman
  13. Cllr Richard Hosking
  14. Andy Bowman
  15. Cllr Su Aves
  16. Andy Bowman
  17. Cllr Su Aves
  18. Andy Bowman
  19. Cllr Su Aves
  20. Andy Bowman
  21. Cllr Su Aves
  22. Andy Bowman
  23. Cllr Su Aves
  24. Andy Bowman
  25. Cllr Jerry Brook
  26. Cllr Yvonne Atkinson
  27. Andy Bowman
  28. Cllr Jerry Brook
  29. Cllr Jacqi Hodgson
  30. Andy Bowman
  31. Cllr Jacqi Hodgson
  32. Andy Bowman
  33. Cllr Jerry Brook
  34. Cllr Ray Bloxham
  35. Cllr Jerry Brook
  36. Cllr Su Aves
  37. Brian Hensley
  38. Cllr Jerry Brook
  39. Cllr Jacqi Hodgson
  40. Mike Deaton
  41. Cllr Jerry Brook
  42. Cllr Jerry Brook
5 County Matter: Waste: Teignbridge District: Importation of 350,000m3 of inert soils and topsoil for the land raising of previously disturbed land that is not capable of sustaining commercial agriculture, Lower Hare Farm, Whitestone
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  1. Andy Hill
  2. Cllr Jerry Brook
6 County Council Development: West Devon Borough: Construction of a trail, Land south of the C491 Friars Hele to Petrockstowe Lane, Friars Hele Cross, Meeth
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  1. Andy Bowman
  2. Cllr Jerry Brook
  3. Mike Deaton
  4. Cllr Jerry Brook
  5. Cllr Pat Kimber
  6. Cllr Jerry Brook
  7. Andy Hill
  8. Cllr Jerry Brook
  9. Cllr Yvonne Atkinson
  10. Cllr Jerry Brook
  11. Mike Deaton
  12. Cllr Yvonne Atkinson
  13. Mike Deaton
  14. Andy Hill
  15. Cllr Jerry Brook
  16. Cllr Yvonne Atkinson
  17. Mike Deaton
  18. Cllr Yvonne Atkinson
  19. Mike Deaton
  20. Andy Bowman
  21. Cllr Jerry Brook
  22. Cllr Tony Inch
  23. Cllr Jerry Brook
  24. Cllr Su Aves
  25. Cllr Jerry Brook
  26. Mike Deaton
  27. Cllr Jerry Brook
  28. Cllr Yvonne Atkinson
  29. Mike Deaton
  30. Cllr Yvonne Atkinson
  31. Mike Deaton
  32. Cllr Jerry Brook
  33. Cllr Jacqi Hodgson
  34. Cllr Jerry Brook
  35. Cllr Linda Hellyer
  36. Andy Hill
  37. Cllr Linda Hellyer
  38. Mike Deaton
  39. Andy Bowman
  40. Cllr Jerry Brook
  41. Cllr Jacqi Hodgson
  42. Cllr Jerry Brook
  43. Mike Deaton
  44. Cllr Richard Hosking
  45. Cllr Jerry Brook
  46. Mike Deaton
  47. Cllr Richard Hosking
  48. Mike Deaton
  49. Cllr Jerry Brook
  50. Cllr Ray Bloxham
  51. Cllr Jerry Brook
  52. Mike Deaton
  53. Cllr Yvonne Atkinson
  54. Mike Deaton
  55. Cllr Jerry Brook
  56. Cllr Jeremy Yabsley
  57. Cllr Jerry Brook
  58. Cllr Jeremy Yabsley
  59. Cllr Jerry Brook
  60. Cllr Richard Hosking
  61. Cllr Jerry Brook
  62. Cllr Jacqi Hodgson
  63. Mike Deaton
  64. Cllr Jacqi Hodgson
  65. Mike Deaton
  66. Cllr Jacqi Hodgson
  67. Cllr Jerry Brook
  68. Cllr Su Aves
  69. Mike Deaton
  70. Cllr Su Aves
  71. Cllr Jerry Brook
  72. Gerry Ruffolo
  73. Cllr Ray Bloxham
  74. Gerry Ruffolo
  75. Cllr Su Aves
  76. Andy Hill
  77. Cllr Jerry Brook
  78. Mike Deaton
  79. Cllr Jerry Brook
  80. Gerry Ruffolo
  81. Cllr Jerry Brook
  82. Gerry Ruffolo
  83. Cllr Jerry Brook
  84. Mike Deaton
  85. Cllr Jerry Brook
  86. Cllr Jerry Brook
7 Delegated Action - Schedules (to include ROMPS Actions) and Summary Schedule
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  1. Webcast Finished
Photograph of Cllr Yvonne Atkinson
Member for Alphington & Cowick
Photograph of Cllr Su Aves
Member for St Sidwell & St James
Photograph of Cllr Ray Bloxham
Member for Broadclyst
Photograph of Cllr Jerry Brook
Member for Chudleigh and Teign Valley
Photograph of Cllr Linda Hellyer
Member for Bideford East
Photograph of Cllr Jacqi Hodgson
Member for Totnes
Green Party
Photograph of Cllr Richard Hosking
Member for South Brent and Yealmpton
Photograph of Cllr Tony Inch
Member for Bideford West & Hartland
Photograph of Cllr Jeremy Yabsley
Member for South Molton